Ethics & Core Values

FLOAT endeavours to keep both your crew and yacht afloat with our bespoke recruitment and well-being services.

We understand that the stressors of a crew and yacht are multifaceted so we are here to ensure that these facets are kept in check by paying attention to detail, specifically, by keeping your crew emotionally and mentally strong in order for them to perform their duties at an optimal level of performance.

We focus on finding reliable, strong willed, motivated candidates who have a combination of experience, people centred skills and outgoing personalities to ensure that the placement will resonate with the crew and owner alike. We recruit and match crew experience with your specific requirements worldwide. Our team will manage the crew selection process from beginning to end with integrity, transparency and efficiency.

Meet The Team

The FLOAT team has extensive knowledge of the yachting industry and a good understanding of both owners’ requirements and crew needs.


Hi, My name is Katie. 

The founder of FLOAT. I have recently left the yachting industry to build a life ashore. I have had 7 years’ experience in the industry starting as a junior, later a chief stew & and finally purser. From this extensive experience onboard yachts I am acutely aware of what it is like to endure the hardship and mental challenges that the industry throws our way. Yes, the rewards are amazing but at times I felt like I needed to keep my head above water in order to fulfil my obligations onboard, so to speak. I did at times feel extremely lonely and desperate to talk to someone, but I did not have access to any sort of professional help.

This is why I have started FLOAT. I have identified a gap in the industry that desperately needs to be filled – providing crew members with mental and emotional support whilst they are working onboard a yacht. Get in touch, I can assure you that the emotional and mental life jacket we are offering could save your life.

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