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For the owners, captain and HOD’s

We understand the daunting task of obtaining reliable and valuable crew members. We also understand that recruiting successful crew candidates does not just come down to presenting you with a sparkling CV. You need people with mental and emotional stamina too. Let us take that burden from you and find you crew members who will not only be up to the required scope of work by means of their credentials but by means of their mental and emotional acuity too.

Once you know what crew you need let us know and we will reply promptly to your recruitment requests, yet take the time to understand your precise requirements.

Where credentials are concerned, we undertake professional and regulated research, reference-checking and pre-filtering as necessary to provide you with the most suitable candidates based on the profile you require and the specifications you need.

We provide you with the best pre-filtered candidates whom we feel are best suited to your requested position(s) and who we feel will best integrate into your existing crew dynamic based on our knowledge of your yacht and existing crew.

To ensure that a prospective crew member will cope mentally and emotionally in their positions, we require the prospective candidate to complete a personality test which is overseen by our psychotherapist. The candidate will also be interviewed by our in-house psychotherapist after initial credential validation. We will then supply you with a detailed report from our psychotherapist on the potential candidates personality traits, coping mechanisms and all round mental acuity and emotional regulation traits.

After a candidate has been placed our inhouse psychotherapist will be available for any emotional or mental support the candidate may need whilst onboard. This ensures that your crew remain mentally and emotionally stable whilst serving the yacht. This emotional and mental care is for the candidates cost but should you wish to utilise this additional bespoke service for current crew members, it will be for the yacht’s expense and available for you. Crew well-being packages are available for your convenience.

Confidentiality is paramount. We commit to ensuring that any and all sensitive information or data you may share with us is kept private and confidential.

Our aim is to make your voyage a successful, stress free one by taking care of not only your recruitment needs but your crew’s mental and emotional needs throughout your voyage. 

How does FLOAT differ from other agencies?

FLOAT’S recruitment process

Client Research

We strive to understand your job and your hiring process. Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding about our client’s company, requirements & mode of delivery. Therefore, we take time to get to know you.

Candidate Search

Our extensive database, global networking & advertising enables us to select the most suitable candidates within a short period of time. We deliver top talents to our top clients!

Candidate Selection

Screening and interview with recruiter covering the below topics:

  • Personality
  • Work Ethic
  • Commitment
  • References
  • Character traits
  • Learning Attitude
  • Long-term plans

Short listed crew

Will have a second interview with career and guidance counsellor covering the below:

  • Personality test
  • Locus of control analysis
  • Culture fit
  • Emotional regulation and ability to cope onboard


  • After completing the interview with FLOAT’s recruitment department followed by the assessment by FLOAT’s career and guidance counsellor - We will provide an informative assessment report about the candidate.
  • Only the most suitable applicants’ profiles will be presented to you, along with their personality profiling!

What does FLOAT need from you to proceed?

Fee structure

For Long-Term Or Full-Time Placements

FLOAT’s rates are the equivalent to one month’s salary for the position placed. Inclusive of candidate profiling, personality analysis and culture fit.

For Temporary Placements (Up To 60 Days)

FLOAT’s rates are 20% of the total remuneration for the position placed with a basic minimum fee of USD 250. Does not include candidate profiling, personality analysis and culture fit.


FLOAT’s clients are only invoiced once the candidate joins the vessel. Should a long term / full time candidate leave within the first 90 days the client is guaranteed a replacement candidate

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